Tonight for Pathfinder Honors Week, we worked on the Braiding honor. We had done this one a few years ago, but there are very few kids in the club now who earned it back then. So we gave it another go.

I did not earn it last go-round either, as I was so busy helping kids with their braids that I never finished mine. But this year I will finish it. I hope.

I got off work at 4:00, and the Honors don’t start until 5:30, so I had about 90 minutes to use for other purposes. I wasn’t hungry yet, so I went straight to the church and started pulling nails and screws from the lumber pile that used to be walls. I loaded two pine 1×10’s and eleven 2×4’s on my roof rack and brought them home. I plan to use them to build a bulletin board switcher contraption.

When I got home tonight, I finally remembered that I needed to deal with a yellow jacket nest at the foot of the deck steps. I handled them the way my grandmother used to deal with wasps (according to my Dad). She would boil up a pan of water and douse the nest. I figured that if it worked on wasp nests, it ought to be pretty effective on yellow jacket nests as well. Further, it should be a little easier, because yellow jackets build their nests underground instead of overhead.

I boiled up about two gallons of water and went out well past sunset. I had my hat-mounted flashlight so I could find their hole, and that wasn’t too tough. When I moved the grass back from it, I saw their sentry stir. I wasted no time pouring the recently-boiling water down the hole, and she never said “boo”.

I like this technique because it is both effective and non-toxic. It seems to have done the trick. Hooray!