It has been cold and windy all day. The furnace at the office was unable to keep up with the leaky window, so it was quite chilly in there. I turned on a space heater, and that helped quite a bit. I have a pinwheel I made a couple of years ago just to see if the leaks around the window were enough to set it in motion. They are.

I’ve had weather alerts popping up in my browser all day, and they always say the same thing – its cold and windy! Right now the wind is howling outside and the thermometer reads 7°F. Out of curiosity, I checked the conditions on Mount Washington, the former wind-speed record holder. It’s -22°F there, and the wind is 61MPH. And it’s foggy. Although I would very much like to go up to the summit one of these days, I’m glad I’m not there now!

We had a bit of snow today, but I don’t think it’s supposed to amount to much. We’re supposed to get some wind tonight though, with 40 MPH gusts. Maybe NH needs that so we can reclaim the wind speed record. In 1934, the Mount Washington Observatory recorded a gust of 231 MPH. That record was just “officially” certified as smashed this week. The officials have verified that some data recorded by an oil company in Australia caught a three-second gust that was 253 MPH. Ouch! It took 14 years for them to figure that out though.

I guess it’s bad when you have to brag that your state has the worst weather in the world, but there are plenty of people here bemoaning the loss of the record. Oh well.

Jonathan’s class was cancelled today. His teacher had a back ache and almost didn’t come in on Tuesday. I had dropped him off on my way to the office, and he came right back. Va came to Concord a little before noon, and we took her car to have the oil changed. We ate at Pizza Hut while Jiffy Lube took care of that. Jonathan rode home with her afterwards.

When I got home I worked on my knitting a little more. I have resolved the problem I was having with ribbing, and I have also mastered the use of two circular needles. It’s not that bad once you get them untangled. My first sock is now about an inch and a half long. Six and a half more to go, and then I can begin knitting the heel. Or something. Then I get to do another one.

I have nothing exciting to report today. I went to work and was pretty busy, but even most of that was somewhat mundane. There was a great quantity of mundane things to do, and they all had to be done right now though, so mundane does not equate to stress-free.

In fact, I worked a bit later than I normally do trying to get something out of the way. And I did.

Tomorrow my boss will be off site and has asked me to sit in on a meeting in his stead. I am not looking forward to that, but I’ll do what I can.

When I got home, Va had some supper ready for me, which was very nice. I ate it, and then went outside to see if there were any new tracks in the snow. It was very cold (it’s 0 degrees right now), but I do have a pretty warm coat, so that was not a problem. Penny came out with me and I threw a couple of sticks for her. She doesn’t like to follow me into the woods though, because she isn’t sure where the invisible fence boundary is, and I think she associates all of the woods with the fence. There were some new squirrel tracks, some new cat tracks (domestic I’m sure), and some new mouse tracks.

The snow cast I made is drying out nicely. I have it in the kitchen on the floor next to a heater register. Some of the surface has crumbled off, but it was a cast of some pretty crumbly snow, so that didn’t come as a surprise.

In a few minutes I’ll head downstairs (I’m in Beth’s room at the moment, sitting with her as she settles in for sleep). Then maybe I’ll fire up the sewing machine again and put the hems in the soldier tunic I started (and nearly finished) yesterday. Maybe I’ll cut out some cloth for villager tunic too, who knows.