Tropical storm Nicole is currently passing through New England. While I was at work I heard a tremendous noise, turned to look out my window, and saw a huge wall of leaves blowing towards the office. It was a huge gust of wind, and that was followed by a brief power outage and a downpour. The power came back in less than a minute, but then went out again before that same minute was up. Then it returned again.

I started thinking about the one remaining tent I have pitched in my yard. I didn’t think it would stand for a gust like that. Either we didn’t have one here at the house, or I was wrong, because when I got home, the tent was still there. It’s sure not any dryer, but at least it’s still intact.

The rain is supposed to end sometime tonight. I hope it does, because I’m sending the Pathfinders out tomorrow to distribute plastic bags as phase one of our annual food drive. We’ll go back through the neighborhoods and collect the (hopefully full) bags again on Sunday.