Today we slept in a bit, having been out past midnight (with Beth) the previous evening. We had a leisurely breakfast and then set out for the Toronto Zoo. We spent pretty much the whole day there. I took something like 400 pictures, but won’t post that many here by a long shot.

The highlight of the zoo visit came when we came to the zebra pen. There was a lone male zebra about 50 yards from the fence. I approached the fence at about the same time the zoomobile came roaring through. The zebra was somewhat startled and charged me!

Charging zebra


He was braying like a donkey the whole time too. Sort of the haw without a hee I guess. Then he calmed down again.

We saw tons of animals, and spent something like six hours there. That is one recipe for sore legs. Beth’s favorite part was when we paid $6.00 for a camel ride:

Beth riding a camel

Beth, the camel jockey

When we got to the gift shop she went searching for a camel (and found one!) The stuffed camel cost more than twice as much as the camel ride.

We returned to our hotel and worked on choosing a restaurant for dinner, finally settling on The Pickel Barrel. I thought it was very good, and Va did not seem displeased with it either. They did take their time with her entree though, and offered free dessert to make it up. I was so stuffed though that I thought it would have been folly for me to eat another bite (even of a wafer thin mint!) so I passed.

I’ve long thought that restaurants should offer what I call “dolly service” for those times when you’re so stuffed you don’t want to get out of your chair. The wait staff would then come by with a furniture dolly, hoist your chair onto it and wheel you out to your car. Every guy I’ve ever talked to about this idea has thought it would be great, and every woman I have ever mentioned it to has been horrified.