I was in Kentucky last week visiting my family. I was shocked and amazed to see this at my brother’s place!


He disappeared before I could get a better shot

Today I took a walk during my lunchbreak to see how spring is coming along. The silver maples are still in bloom, as are the crocuses, but that’s about it. Along the railroad tracks I spotted this:

Digitabulus laboris

Digitabulus laboris

For a few milliseconds after glimpsing this, I thought it was some sort of monocot with nice thick leaves pushing defiantly up through the soil, but upon closer inspection… ok, it’s an old work glove. Or as they might say in Latin, “Digitabulus laboris”.

The black locust is budding though.

Robinia pseudoacacia

Robinia pseudoacacia

I thought I might meander over to LL Bean while I was out, but there was a car accident on the sidewalk along that route, so I just took my usual lap. Had I gone to Bean, I would probably have missed the sprouting of the glove.

When I got home I went out to check my sap bucket. It had half a gallon of sap in it, but it also had a dozen mosquitoes and a moth. That’s the sign that syruping season has come to an end, so I dumped it out and removed my tap. I have a couple of gallons of unboiled sap to process now, along with some that I reduced by about 20:1 last week. I’ll prolly mix them together and boil it down tomorrow evening. Then that’s it until next year.

Today I ate my last Valencia orange. I bought my last case from the Pathfinders on April 14. It still tasted pretty fresh too, and I was really surprised they kept that long. When I get a case (monthly from November through April), I put all of them I can in the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, and then leave the rest in the box they came in. Sometimes I keep the box in the basement where it’s a bit cooler, but usually, I just shove the box into a corner in the kitchen. Those are the ones I eat first, as they won’t last for more than a couple of weeks that way.

Now, for something completely different! I think someone should make cow costumes for dogs. Mainly, I think this, because I’m probably insane, but also, because I’m sure someone would buy them. Maybe even a lot of someones. This costume should come in a Holstein pattern and feature a rubberized udder. That would be the main selling point I think. I would not buy one. OK – I would buy one, but only because it was my idea. Penny will hate me.

But enough silliness!