This evening when I got home I battened down the hatches. I moved some lawn chairs into the basement and stowed some of Beth’s yard toys under the deck. (Stowing under the deck and battening down hatches both sound nautical).

I also put away a few garden tools. Basically, I was looking for anything outside that would make a good missile and securing it.

Then I went out and picked more blackberries. I got about a quart I guess, but there are still a lot of red ones out there. If they survive the storm, I should get another gallon or so. I was surprised to find a spring peeper hopping along a blackberry cane and from leaf to leaf. It was about three feet off the ground. I had no idea they’d ever hang out in a blackberry patch, but there you go!

It’s not supposed to be terrible up here in New Hampshire. We’ve got CT, RI, and MA to blunt the force of the storm. Still, it could get nasty. We stocked up on food and made sure we have lots of water on hand. I think we’re good for a week with no power, and we can make do after that.

I am ready to deploy with ACS-DR in case we need to open a multi-agency warehouse. I’ve written here several times about training for that, and this will be my first deployment if we’re called out (and if I don’t have my hands full here). I might be able to work the warehouse for a week, but we’ll see. There’s no training like on-the-job training!