A while back I bought a printer for the school. My main selection criteria was cost per printed page, and good reviews from customers. That pretty much means a B&W laser. The one thing I neglected to consider, because it has been so long since i have run into anything like that, is that it should work well with Linux. Nearly any printer on the market works well with Linux these days. I managed to choose one that doesn’t work at all with Linux. In fact, it won’t work with anything but Windows. This is because all the brains in the printer are not in the printer at all, but rather, in the driver which resides on the PC. And that driver is Windows-only. The printer has an exo-brain.


Until today, I didn’t have any Windows machines in the whole school. But now I sure do. I set it up as a print server. Unfortunately, my suckage at Windows administration, or Windows’ suckage as a print server prevented me from having a seamless setup. My setup is full of seams. It’s the sort of thing that would make Rube Goldberg blush.

Jonathan and I spent three hours bodging it together after work. I’m thinking I should put this awful printer on the market and take a mulligan.