Beth loves to write. She often makes up activities for people to do. She has given me spelling tests and math assignments. She has made street signs and put them up all over the house (thus naming the hallways). She has made library cards (including the ones that go in the books with the due dates). Then she insisted that I check out one of her books and reminded me of the due date. When I didn’t return it (she put it in my bedroom), she charged me a 10 cent fine!

Tonight she made a sign-up sheet for a talent show. You could sign up to either watch the show or perform in it. She named it “The Heckle Street Talent Show,” but she didn’t know exactly what the word “heckle” meant. She didn’t like it too much when I started laughing though. With a name like that, I thought it would be safer to sign up to watch rather than to perform.

Work was good today. I made some major tweaks to the code I’ve been writing so that it might be reusable for some other project someday. To do this successfully, the code has to be properly abstracted so that the specifics of the initial problem it solves do not trip it up in the general sense. I think I got it right. I was well pleased with the results anyhow. There is still some work to do on that, but the tricky part is pretty much done.

I took the kids to a memorial service tonight for Sally Locke. I wrote about her last month just after she died. Her husband Bob came up this week with her ashes, and we had a service at our church. Va stayed home with Penny. As one of the elders, I was asked to read Psalm 23 and John 14:1-3 (I accidentally continued right through to verse four though!)

Sally was one of our Pathfinder staff during our start-up year, and she was a wonderful person. To honor her service to our cub, I asked all the Pathfinders to attend in their full dress uniforms. There were six people in Pathfinder uniforms there tonight, and four of them were in the club when Sally was. Her activity with our club was mentioned in her eulogy too, because it was an important part of her life (even though she was in our club for only one year – when she and Bob were married, they moved to Florida).

I went to a memorial service today. Christina, a good friend of mine, lost her mother in December and held a memorial service today. Her mother served in the U.S. Army during WWII, so the army provided a color guard. Chris asked me and my sons to attend in our full dress Pathfinder uniforms, and we were happy to honor her mother’s service that way.

Chris asked our pastor to deliver a message during the service, but he was unable to do so, as he was out of town. I was surprised when Chris asked me to do that, but I agreed, and it actually went pretty well. The Pathfinders (including me) stood in formation next to a table which held a box for her flag and an urn with her ashes. The color guard marched in and stood at attention. Then Chris made some opening remarks, telling a few stories about her mother. Following that, I spoke my piece (based on John 11, 1 Thessalonians 4, and John 14). Then I returned to the PF formation and the color guard folded the flag and presented it to Chris. The PFs were standing at attention, facing away from the color guard, so we didn’t get to see that part. Afterwards there was a buffet.

When we got home and changed, I went outside with Penny (my dog) and Beth (my daughter). I logged my flowers the previous day, so there was not too much more to do in that regard.

I decided to look for animal tracks at the pond, having found some chipmunk tracks there the day before. Today I saw none though, other than the tracks Penny made as she chased her soccer ball into the water. Beth and I went to the garage and I was able to find my mason’s trowel. Then we returned to the pond and smoothed out the mud (so we’ll have an easier time finding new tracks tomorrow). I let Beth work the trowel and she did great until Penny sprung out of the pond and shook her fur dry right next to her. Beth got all wet and then cried, so I told her she should go in a take a bath (which she did). Tomorrow morning I’ll check the mud again and look for more tracks. I’ll hafta check, but I think this is the last requirement I need before I can get my Animal Tracking honor.

So. I guess that’s my first post. I dunno where this blog will go, but we’ll see.