SpectraAccess came to the school today and got us hooked up with an antenna and modem. We now have much faster access to the Internet. As soon as I saw that it was working, I called HughesNet and cancelled our satellite Internet feed. This is sooo much better. With no satellite latency to suffer through, double the download bandwidth, no bandwidth cap (daily, monthly, or otherwise), it is about like going from dial-up to broadband.

Our new connection comes with a static IP address, so I will be able to remotely log into the servers at the school and make any necessary adjustments without driving out to the school. I have a very long list of things to do to the network now, including migrating to a new server, and repurposing the old one. I can move the card catalog off a PC at my house and onto a server at school. The possibilities this opens up are manifold!

The ice storm hit after we got back from getting the fruit. Overnight it took out the power, and we didn’t get it back until a little after 4:00pm Friday. I was really glad to have it back, because without electricity, we do not have water or heat. Luckily the house hold heat pretty well.

We do not, however, have Internet service yet, so I’m posting this from church, sneaking it in before Sabbath School starts (which is in two minutes). I’ll update as I can!