Today was my last day off until Christmas break, and I made the most of it. I got up and had breakfast (Sunday is pancake day). Then I went to Lowes and blew $200 on some gutter heaters. When I got home, I began installation, and I worked on that until I finished the front of the house (pretty much).

I still ought to install an electrical outlet up near the eaves. Right now I’m running it on an extension cord. I’ll also need to install a switch so I can turn it off when it’s warm outside, or when there’s no snow in the forecast or on the roof. Last year we had a nasty ice dam up there. It didn’t leak into the house, but it was pretty thick. The ice nearly tore the gutters clean off the house, so I figured I ought to do something to prevent that this year.

I had intended to hang Christmas lights too, but that will have to wait. I might do it tomorrow after work – in the dark.

About 1:30 Va, Beth, and I set out for Concord. Today was to be a brush clearing day at the church, and Va had some shopping to do. We figured we’d get some dinner after that. Beth stayed with me, and Va went on her way. Beth and I were the first ones there. I let her in the church and she sat down to read a book. Then I went out and started clearing brush. I mostly used some mondo pruning shears I have, but I also used a bow saw a bit. I kept working, waiting for someone else to show up, but no one else did. Or maybe they came, saw no other cars, and left without me noticing. That’s a distinct possibility, because Va drove up at around 3:00 and called me on my cell. I didn’t know she was there until she told me so. Beth was quite bored by then, so Va took her with her to the mall, and I continued working alone. I did manage to clear an awful lot of brush, but I would have enjoyed it a lot more if others had shown up to help. I threw it in at 4:00, gathered up my tools, and called Va. She came to get me, and then we went out to eat. I was soaking wet by then because of a) perspiration, and b) snow. It started snowing almost as soon as I got there. Maybe that’s why no one else showed up, who knows. I was also pretty tired.

After we ate, we went into J.C. Penny’s and bought me three new shirts. I really like the St John’s Bay brand that they carry. Those shirts invariably become my favorites until I wear them out. I have several that I guess I ought to retire now that the reinforcements have arrived.

Va ordered my new camera for me too (before we left). She also got me a memory card for it and a carrying case. Woot! I can hardly wait until it comes in. I have missed having a camera that will focus.

By the time it quit snowing (I think it’s raining now) we had about an inch on the ground, and that was right in line with the forecast. Hopefully it will be all taken care of by the time I need to drive Beth to school in the morning.