Today is my wife’s birthday, and wouldn’t you know it, I was fresh out of duct tape.

So after breakfast, Beth and I headed to Tilton to get some, and we figured we might get a present for Va while we were out. A little birdie told me that she might want a particular brand of perfume. Luckily, Lowes (duct tape) is located right next door to Kohls (perfume). So we stopped at both places.

When we got home, Beth ran upstairs, got some wrapping paper, and we wrapped the gift together. Va was happy with the gift (not surprisingly). In a little while we all headed over to Outback for lunch.

Then the boys and I went to our Pathfinder meeting. Tonight we worked on Knot Tying, which is one of the things I really like about Pathfinders. I know lots of knots, and that really does come in handy. Especially if you’re teaching knots to kids.

I have them mounting the knots on pine boards. Sometimes they will tie several, and then glue them down. Eventually, they label them, but sometimes they cannot remember the name of some knot (and sometimes, they can’t remember the names of lots of unlabelled knots). But I can tell by examining them.

It seems that every year I have a kid ask me to teach them how to tie a hangman’s noose, but this is something I refuse to do. I know how to tie one. I met another man about ten years ago who wouldn’t teach kids to tie that one either, and I asked him about it. His response seemed pretty solid to me. “What if you taught a kid to tie that knot and he actually used it?”

I am very glad I did adopt that policy myself, because I have had more than one kid in my Pathfinder Club fail in a suicide bid. Maybe they would not have failed if I had taught them how to do that particular deed effectively (though they didn’t make the attempts by hanging in either case).

On the way home from the meeting we got a call from the birthday girl. She wanted us to pick up some buttermilk. So off we went to the grocery store, and while we were there, I picked up an orchid (and some buttermilk) for her.

It was snowing pretty heavily on the way home. We’re supposed to get six inches or so the last I heard. We’ll see if that prediction holds in the morning.

NaBloPoMo is like a calendar I had seven or eight years ago. It was one of those Page-a-Day calendars, and it was called 365 Days of Duct Tape.

Now I like duct tape, and I even like duct tape jokes, so this calendar seemed like an ideal thing to have. But it didn’t take long for me to realize that there are not 365 funny things that can be said about duct tape. There are 30. Or perhaps 40 if you’re in a ticklish mood. So the makers of the calendar had to come up with another 325 things to say about duct tape, and they… well, they did.

And that’s the problem with this post-a-day in November thing. When you run out of things to write, you still hafta write something! Today, I give you duct tape. Tomorrow, we’ll just have to hope that something happens!