Yesterday I shod myself in snowshoes and made my way into my woodlot to check my sap bucket. There was a tiny bit of sap in it – maybe a quarter cup. It was frozen solid. Then I made my way around the rest of my trail, down the driveway to the front of the property, and across the woods in front to the frog pond. The snow was rather crunchy, and Penny was having a pretty hard time of it. She would get up on the surface, take a step, and then crash through up to her chest. She couldn’t plow through that, so she’d get up on the surface again and repeat. It was enough to make a border collie quit chasing sticks, which really says a lot.

We had more snow today, but just squalls. It wrecked havoc on the roads though. It wasn’t bad in Concord at all, so I let David drive us home (he came to town for a Pathfinder TLT meeting, but we ended up canceling it when the other TLT called in sick). Conditions quickly deteriorated after we got on the Interstate, and there were wrecks, ambulances, and fire trucks galore. And there I am being piloted by an unlicensed driver (NH does not require a driver’s permit for learners). Traffic was crawling along at 15 MPH on I-93, and he was really white-knuckling it the whole way. But he did fine. As soon as we got of the Interstate though, we traded seats. He was relieved.

We were planning to go to Border’s after grabbing a bite after the TLT meeting. They have a chess club that meets there, and David is now all about chess. He has gotten pretty good at it, and I have not been able to beat him for some time now. He wanted to check out this chess club so he could play people in person vs over the Internet. But with these snow squalls, wrecks, ambulances, and fire trucks scattered everywhere, it seemed prudent to wait for the next one.


This morning I managed to leave the house without my bag-o-stuff. That means I didn’t have any of the stuff I had prepared for teaching the Sabbath School lesson. I remembered on the way to church, but by then, it was too late. There was no way I could go back home, grab my bag, and make it back to church before Sabbath School was more than half over. So I was forced to wing it. It turned out pretty OK though! Last nght I had read the mission story and had taken notes on an index card so I would remember the details. Maybe writing them down like that helped, because I did remember most of the story (Spotted Boy and the Comanches). I also told the story of Captain Joseph Bates. It would have been better if I had remembered my bag, but it was not the disaster I had imagined it would be.

We stayed for potluck after church, and as always, the food was excellent. Unfortunately, attendance was down today and there were not a lot of kids there. As I wrote yesterday, I needed to sign them up to read the scripture during the worship service. I did manage to fill up August and actually most of October. Nothing for September or November though. I will try again over the next couple of weeks.

We hustled on home after potluck and released Penny from her pen. I wanted to go down to Sandogardy Pond to see if my aquatics were in bloom (all of them were). Beth wouldn’t eat anything at potluck (and spent the whole time whining about having nothing she liked to eat), so when we got home, David cooked some shells & cheese for her and for himself. She wouldn’t eat most of it. So I told her she had six minutes to finish eating, and then I was going to the pond. If she was finished, she could come with me, otherwise, she’d have to stay home. She did not finish, so she had to stay home.

I asked Jonathan if he wanted to go. He has shown no interest in going to the pond all summer, but I had an ace in the hole. It was threatening to thunderstorm (and it did later in the day), so I wanted to drive rather than walk. I offered to let Jonathan drive the Accord. He does pretty well in the Civic, but that’s an automatic. The Accord is a standard, and this was to be his first experience with one. He did… not so great. But I explained to him several times that it was not easy and he should not expect to master it the first time out. I personally think that the learning curve for transitioning from an automatic to a standard is much steeper than learning to drive an automatic. I think he agreed. He killed the engine maybe a dozen times between the trip there and the trip back. Maybe more. Penny was petrified because of the unsmoothness of the ride. I did not let him park the car in the garage, as his skill was not sufficiently advanced for that. He agreed I was right about that. We’ll try it again another day. I can’t wait to teach him to start on a hill.

Va has been poking around on Facebook. She found several old friends of ours from Dawson Springs, including my old college roommate, Kirk Menser. I asked her to send him a message asking about the recording he had – “I Sold My Body to Science.” He got back to her right away with a link to a video. I never knew where he got that song – he had it on cassette back then. Here’s his explaination:

Wow! I never expected Jim to remember that song, though it is quite hilarious! I never had a record of the song. It came from the Bill Tush Show (ca 1981). I didn’t have a VCR so I held my tape recorder up to the TV when it came on.

I found the video on Youtube a few weeks ago! Here is the address:

I don’t care that much for the first 2.5 minutes, but the rest of it is pretty funny. The song begins about 5 minutes into the video.

The video is worth checking out. Especially if you’re in the market for a major appliance.