Today Va brought David into Concord when she came in to pick up Beth from school. Jonathan and I joined them for lunch, and then the boys and I headed to my office while Va went to the school (presumably to work on the library card catalog).

David and I set out in search of his seeds. We found the black locust first, and on our way to the burdock (I think I said it was Canadian thistle yesterday, but it’s burdock – they are very similar) we came across a pile of horse chestnuts and their husks. I have no idea where they came from, but I do know where two horse chestnut trees are not far from there. I picked one up and offered it to David. He asked if it would be OK to use that instead of the two species of acorns we collected yesterday. I figured he might prefer that, and I was right!

When Beth got out of school Va swung by the office to pick up the boys. When I got home, we had some supper and then David took photos of all the seeds. Now all he has to do is write it up.

It poured all day. Finding seeds in the rain isn’t really all that bad if you’ve got rain gear (which I did).