Today I took a lap around my woods to see if I could find a decent-looking dewdrop. I found a couple of dewdrop blossoms, and photographed them, but none looked decent. The petals were not symmetrical, and the stamens were all twisted about. So I won’t be posting any of those today.

I continued my lap and found a pipsissewa in bloom! Here’s a shot of the whole plant.

Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata)

Pipsissewa (Chimaphila umbellata)

Some years these bloom and I miss them. I am far from certain, but I suspect pipsissewa blooms every other year.

The blossoms nod making it difficult to get a good shot of the flower. I had to nearly stand on my head for this shot.

Pipsissewa blossom - face on

Pipsissewa blossom – face on

(You’re welcome). That large black shape in the lower right is Penny. She thought I needed a stick for this photo.

Here’s another shot of the flower in profile.

Pipsissewa blossom in profile.

Pipsissewa blossom in profile.

This stuff is not terribly abundant on my place, but it’s not exactly rare either. There are patches of it here and there. I didn’t know about this patch until today.

I’ll be back again!