Penny catches snowballs

Penny catches snowballs

The blizzard is here. We still have power, so that’s good. Church was canceled today so I was going to sleep in, but Penny needed out. Va fixed our usual Saturday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits. After I ate, I went back to bed and slept until 11:30.

With the wind blowing the snow around it’s really hard to gauge its depth. I measured 17″ on the deck, but our well head is still very visible out in the backyard. I estimate it’s less than a foot deep there.

The snow was drifted up against the sliding glass door, so I had to knock that down with a shovel before I let Penny out. I didn’t shovel t all the way down to the deck though, and I only went out about two feet. Just enough to keep it from caving into the house when Penny was ready to come back in.

She seemed to enjoy the snow, weasel jumping all through the yard to find a place to transact her morning business. She is obviously enjoying it in the photo above with Beth. Catching thrown snow is one of her self-appointed duties.

When the wind dies down I plan to put on my snowshoes and go for a walk. This is one of the rare activities during which Penny gets more tired than I do. It requires a lot less exertion to walk on top of the snow with snowshoes than it does to weasel jump through it.

More bulletins as events warrant.