The title says it succinctly, but I can’t help but to add a few more words and images.

It seems like every time we visit Kentucky, it gets scorching hot. We might have to switch to December visits, but that will bring logistical problems of its own.

How hot was it? Pretty hot!

109 Degrees Fahrenheit, Providence, KY

109 Degrees Fahrenheit, Providence, KY

How hot is 109? Hot enough to melt asphalt.

I was foolish enough to walk barefoot from the hotel room to the pool across a parking lot. It wasn’t melted like this, but it was hot enough to burn the soles of my feet. They hurt for hours afterwards. But the pool sure felt good.

Today’s temperature of 108 in Paducah, KY tied the all time high temperature record for that city. Ugh. I wasn’t in Paducah, but I may as well have been.

Now I’m going to go examine my feet for blisters!