Tonight I picked up my camera again, perhaps out of desperation, and somehow turned it on. I did swap the memory card in it, so maybe that was it. I have no idea really. Thanks to everyone for their advice on overcoming my broken camera – I really appreciate it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to take a few photos again.

Today was insanely busy. The Pathfinders had our annual yard sale. We moved a lot of stuff, but sales were a little off this year as compared to previous years. We also swept the parking lot, which is in fact my favorite fundraiser for the club – because it’s work the kids can do vs me and the rest of the staff doing most of it for them. Still, the yard sale and lot sweeping make for an exhausting day.

When we got home, Beth packed so she could spend the night with a friend (one of the Pathfinders). I drove her over and then came home and took a shower. Then I went through my photos from September until now (minus two days) so I could burn the Pathfinder pictures onto a disk and give them to one of the other staff members. She will turn them into a slideshow for our Investiture ceremony next Saturday.

Tomorrow we march in Concord’s Memorial Day parade. After that, I will have to take it easy for a bit.