When I got to the office today I could not help but notice that they had begun to frame up the roof for the tower they are adding to the Concord Food Co-op right outside my office window. I figured the ideal thing to do would be to put my camera on a tripod and take images throughout the day, and then mix them into a time-lapse video.

But… I have not fully addressed the stripped out tripod mount on my camera. I had drilled it out, packed it full of “Quick Steel” (an epoxy-based product), allowed that to cure, and then drilled it out. Then I tried tapping it, but… I didn’t stop turning the tap when it hit the bottom of the hole. So I stripped out the new threads before they were even finished.

Oh well. I can drill it out and try again. But that wouldn’t help today. Instead, I got out my tiny little tripod and jammed it in. It was tight. I applied some torque to screw it in, and it cut its own threads. “Quick Steel” says it cures “hard as steel” but that’s not even close to true. Anyhow… I was able to get the camera mounted somewhat securely on my tripod, and as you can see from the embedded video above, I was also able to take several pictures.

Too bad I didn’t have a more stable base to set the tripod on. The image moves around more than I would like. To get semi-decent shots, I had to shoot through the top part of the window (rather than through the idiotic Jalousie slats that block up to 80% of the wind). Don’t get me started on why someone thought it would be a good idea to install those in New England.

Anyhow, to get the camera above the slats, I had to set it on top of a tissue box, and that is on top of a cardboard citrus crate (where would I have gotten one of those?)

In spite of all of that, it might be post-worthy.