Tomorrow 19 Pathfinders (including myself) set out for Holbrook Indian School. I have a checklist about a mile long, and nearly everything on it is checked off now. We had a packing drill last night, and during that, the staff went through everyone’s baggage to make sure that they had everything on their list, and that they didn’t have anything that would garner special attention from the TSA.

I printed out a batch of boarding passes the minute I was able to. We are flying Southwest, and they board the plane in groups (A, B, and C). The first people to check in are in group A, and the last are in group C. We are in group B for the first leg of our flight, and in group A for the second leg (we change planes in Chicago). I assume that our first leg of the journey is a connecting flight for all the people who are in group A ahead of us for that one. Either that, or they paid an extra $10 for their tickets. That would be worth it, except for the 19x multiplier. We will somehow manage.

This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow. I estimate the depth of the new snow to be half an inch. As Calvin said, “Getting an inch of snow is like winning ten cents in the lottery” and I could not agree more. It looked nice on the trees though, so I got out the camera and tried to capture Penny.



It is hard to take an action shot of her by myself. I guessed where she would be when she caught the stick, focused the camera, threw a stick and then took the picture. In dim light (it was foggy). It’s not a prize winning shot, but I will keep trying. Maybe one of these days.
See the stick?  Upper left?

See the stick? Upper left?