This morning before I went to work, Penny brought me a couple of basketballs to kick for her:

Penny brings me two basketballs

Penny brings me two basketballs

I am amazed that she can do this, but it must help that she has punctured both balls. That in itself is also pretty amazing. Still, basketballs hold up to her abuse a lot better than anything else she plays with. She absolutely shreds soccer balls.

Last winter she left one of those basketballs in the driveway, and then it got buried in about a foot (or more) of snow. Ah… a foot of snow! Those were the days! I didn’t know the basketball was there when I got out the snowblower, but I found out as soon as I sucked it into the auger. It was not able to process that, and the engine choked. The snowblower did put a couple of pretty big gashes in the ball, but Penny had punctured it before I did with the snowblower’s help.

Both of these balls still assume a round shape if left alone for a while. I can kick them a lot farther when they are round verses when they are flat. Penny doesn’t seem to care, as long as I kick them though.