There has been lots of activity out my office window of late. The Concord Food Coop is undergoing a major renovation. Somehow this involved removing an entire corner of their store. Here are a few shots of the action from last week and this week.

They've started removing some roof and wall here.

They've started removing some roof and wall here.

At one point, they had freed a major steel beam and had positioned it onto a lift. They lowered it as far as it would go, and I was wondering how on earth are they going to get that off the lift? This is how:

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After they got the walls down, they started taking out the floor to expose the basement. I suppose they’ll have to stop taking things down pretty soon, as they’re nearly out of building. Then they will rebuild this corner. The rev 2.0 version will be two stories tall – kind of a tower or an embattlement overlooking the parking lot.

When they first started this project I was pretty annoyed – having to listen to jack hammers and concrete saws all day. But then the building started coming apart, and my distaste turned to fascination.