Yesterday some jeans I ordered from LL Bean came in. They are fleece lined, and my legs are loving them. Last month I bought some flannel-lined jeans, and they are warmer than regular jeans, but not nearly as nice as these fleecies. I wanted fleece and settled for flannel, because they didn’t have them in my size. The flannels didn’t fit in the waist (too tight or too loose? I’m not saying!) so I bumped them up (oops!) an inch and saw that they had them in that size.

We had some flurries earlier today. I don’t think they were in the forecast. A few minutes ago Penny asked to be let outside, so I obliged. When she came in again, her coat was covered in snow! Yay! They have now updated the forecast, and we are to expect 3.2 inches of snow. What a delightful surprise!

Tomorrow I am headed to Woodstock, Maine for a Pathfinder Leadership Training weekend. Eight staff members and teens from our club will be attending. I always look forward to these weekends, as they are packed with info, and I really like the other staff members in our conference. It’s nice to see them, especially when we don’t have our hands full watching a group of kids (other than the teens, but they are pretty well behaved and low-maintenance). This is a weekend for us.

The downside is that I’ll miss the company holiday party (and the free loot) and I’ll also miss time at/near home with daylight. That would have been nice because it would have allowed me to seek a new location for my geocache. Instead, that will have to wait another week.