Phrozen Phlox

Phrozen Phlox

We had a very light dusting of snow when I got up this morning. I took this shot while I was waiting for Beth to come out to the car. If you don’t know, that’s a close-up of some not-wild phlox we planted in front of our house.

It’s not enough snow as far as I’m concerned. I want a foot or more. I want to put on my snowshoes and go for a hike at night. Or during the day, it doesn’t matter too much. I just want to get out into the woods.

I suppose I could go for a night hike without the snow, but it’s a lot harder to do it then. With snow on the ground it’s easier to see things, so it’s almost like it’s not night. And with the sun setting just after 4:00pm now, night is really the only time I have available for hiking.

Our little snow dusting turned to rain later in the day, and when the sun set, that started to freeze. It’s not nasty out, but it’s not very nice either.

If I had a nice snow I know just where I would walk too. I’d head for Sandogardy Pond and look for animal tracks on the beach. Then I’d cross Little Kohas Creek and try to imagine where Little Kohas had a cabin there. I’d keep going until I got to the railroad tracks. Then I’d hike another half mile or so where there is a house that used to be a railroad station. I would bring my tripod and make a long exposure of that house from the vantage point of the tracks (it would be dark you know).

Penny could come with me, and she would find sticks for me to throw. She would also stand on my snowshoes every now and then, and maybe make me fall over. But she wouldn’t mind, as long as she could find a stick, and especially as long as I would throw it for her.

If I could figure out how to get to the road from there without trespassing or causing too much alarm, I’d walk from the railroad station to the Northfield Union Church and take a long-exposure shot of that as well. Depending on how tired I was after that, I might head to Beth’s geocache and see what it’s like when it’s dark there. Then I’d hike towards home along the trail.

But for now, I will hike on the treadmill in the basement. And I will wait for snow.