Today as Va was getting ready to leave the house, someone rang the doorbell. It was a WMUR news crew. They wanted to interview her about a burgalry in our neighborhood. Well, Va didn’t have time for that, so she politely declined, got in the car, and went on her way.

So now her car is featured in the news story as is our mailbox.

It’s kind of funny how they show her car just as they are talking about how the burglar made his getaway in a waiting car.

David wanted to do the interview so he could game them. He was interviewed at the beach about six years ago (as a 12 year-old), and was appalled at how they took his comments out of context and made it look like he was talking about something else.

He wanted to feign intense worry, talk about all the gunfire we hear constantly, and how scared he is to live here any more.

We do hear occasional gunfire, but this is a rural area, and hunters do practice their aim on occasion. Also, he is not afraid to live here.