Today the Pathfinders had an off-season yard sale. We usually have one on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, but since we’re trying to raise money for our trip to the Holbrook Indian School, we decided to have an extra one this year.

Va and I did manage to spend some time yesterday in the basement going through our junk – errr… treasure. We rounded up four boxes of goods to donate. We are glad to have that out of the house now.

Other than having the sale on Black Friday, the other thing we did that was different was to use some big YARDSALE signs. We made these on Sunday after our Pathfinder meeting. We had a bolt of white cloth leftover from our last yardsale, and I thought a good use of that would be to make a couple of signs. This was way better than having kids stand out by the road with poster boards. They tend to position the signs such that a person across the street could read it, vs a person driving along the road. By hanging these huge signs on our kitchen shelter, I didn’t have to worry about that. We used fabric paint, but I think latex would have worked well too. I sewed up the ends Wednesday evening and added grommets to the corners yesterday. Unlike the poster board approach, these signs will be reusable.

And we did pretty OK! We didn’t have as much traffic as we usually do, but I attribute that to it being an off-season yard sale event. And even though traffic was not heavy, we had very respectable receipts.

I am not going to push for a yard sale every Black Friday though. It’s nice to have some down-time built into the schedule.