We got three or four inches of snow last night. As is typical of early-season snow, this is wet and heavy.

Beth got out of school yesterday for the Thanksgiving break, so I didn’t have to worry about whether school was canceled for her. Jonathan did have school though, so I rolled out of bed around 7:00am to see if his was postponed or canceled. It was postponed, so I went back to bed for a while.

I got up early enough to clear the driveway. I got as far as rolling the snowblower into position and filling its tank with gas. But then I looked at the snow. It wasn’t even three inches on the driveway, so I decided to skip it. Why waste the gas, when I can get through it just fine and it’s supposed to melt in the next couple of days?

We made it to Concord with no mishaps, though I did not travel as fast as the speed limit allowed. That would have been folly.

Tomorrow I plan to do a little cleaning in the basement. The Pathfinders are having a Black Friday yard sale, and I hope to unload a few things there. Once I have some space in the basement, I plan to move stuff out of the attic so I will have room to resume my insulation project up there. Yeah… still not done with that, but it’s only been in the works for seven years…