9:12pm Sunday
Irene is finished here. There’s still a little rain and wind, but nothing major. We were getting a little cabin fever this evening, so Va and I went into Tilton for some takeout. There was a tree down in the road, so we had to take an alternate route. We brought dinner home, and afterwards, I drove to Concord to do some work on the school’s network. They will have school tomorrow, though most of the public schools cancelled classes (too far) in advance. I guess they’ll get to make that up in June.

2:31pm Sunday
We lost power for thirty minutes. I had just put on some water to make Ramen noodles. It had almost come to a boil when we lost power, so I went ahead and added the noodles and let them “coast” to the finish line. Then I forgot about them. They did cook, but they got a little squishy. Then power came back after less than a 30-minute outage. If this is the worst that happens to us, then we can count ourselves blessed.

1:43pm Sunday
Irene seems to have run out of steam. We never got more than a heavy downpour, so I guess we should count our blessings. Radar shows that most of the rain has passed to our North (even though the “eye” is to our southwest, coming up the NY/MA border.

10:00am Sunday, Aug 28, 2010
It’s raining pretty hard right now, but not more than it does during a good thunderstorm. It’s a bit windy, but not too windy. I’d guess 10-15 MPH and coming from the east. I put on my rain pants and rain coat and went out to get the paper. Penny came along too.

Kick the football?

Kick the football?

She brought me her football, so I kicked it a couple of times. I didn’t stay out long though.

8:30pm Saturday, Aug 27, 2011
We started hearing thunder here tonight a little after 8:00pm. I’ll try to update this page as the storm progresses (as long as I have power anyhow).