Tonight Shaun, a new staff member, taught the Cats honor. Shaun did a great job, and he brought their cat with him. This was useful because the cat was very gentle and allowed the kids to examine his paws to see how many toes he had on the front vs the back. I like it when honors get tactile like that.

It was a light crowd again, but the really cool thing was that our next door neighbors showed up! Beth had invited her best friend Haylee to come, and she did. 🙂 Her mother brought Haylee’s younger brother and sister too.

Yesterday Beth gave Haylee a Bible. I asked how that came about because I was curious about it. Beth told me that she had copied down a Bible story (I don’t know which one) by hand, and gave it to Haylee. Beth loves to write stuff, even if it’s just copying things out of a book. She has filled literally dozens of spiral notebooks by doing this. When she gave the hand-written passage to Haylee, Haylee said she wished she had a Bible that she could read. Beth told Va, Va picked up a Bible from the church, and Beth gave it to Haylee (with her mother’s permission).

Now I have a decision to make. Haylee wants to join our Pathfinder club, but she’s not yet in the fifth grade (Beth will be when school starts up). The old curricula allowed kids to join when they were 10 years old or when they were in 5th grade, but the new curricula being introduced this year eliminates the age option and goes strictly by grade. Haylee is only two weeks younger than Beth, and I’m sure she’d do fine. She’d be eligible to join by last year’s rules.

Add to this the fact that her family will be moving out of our neighborhood soon (they don’t know when yet), and it complicates things. If I bend the rules, I set precedent. If I don’t then this girl and her family will likely lose interest in Pathfinders after they move.

I like the new rule in the general, because it removes the subjective judgments made by Pathfinder leaders and replaces them with the more objective measure of grade level (which is also somewhat subjective, but this judgment is made by professional educators).

But I don’t like the new rule in the specific, as it may stand in the way of introducing a family to our Pathfinder club and to my church.

This is something I will have to pray about.