I got home from the ACSDR conference yesterday afternoon, and this morning I set out again – this time with Va, David, and Beth. We’re headed for Kentucky to visit family. Jonathan stayed home so he could work, and he agreed to take care of Penny while he holds down the fort.

We stopped in Pine Grove, PA for the night. While I was at the front desk registering, Va noticed some rabbits in the parking lot. So naturally, I went over to take a picture or two.

Little Bunny Foofoo

Is Bunny smoking?

This is not the same one Va had seen. When I approached that one it left the parking lot and went into the grass. I got a couple of shots of it, but they were slightly underexposed. Then I noticed another rabbit in the grass and took aim at it. This is one of those. Beth came out to look at them too, and she spotted two more that I missed.