Saturday evening Beth and I drove into Franklin and walked the western half of the Winnipesaukee River Trail. I started telling her the names of the flowers we were seeing (and taking photos of them), and she started naming them back every time we’d pass one she had just learned (which was about once per second, because there were a lot of them).

So I challenged her to see if she could learn 35 of them, which is how many she’d need to satisfy the first requirement of the Pathfinder Flowers Honor (she will be joining this fall). The other part of that requirement is that she photograph, draw, or collect them. We had a camera, and so long as she wore the wrist strap, I figured it would be safe enough (and it was). I think she learned 32, not all of which were in bloom, but the requirement says nothing about them having to be in bloom. In my book, and plant that produces a flower is a flower, and that include trees! But we stuck to herbacious forbs. We even saw one that I recognized from Peterson’s Edible Wild Plants, but which I had never seen – the purple flowering raspberry (Rubus odoratus).
I helped her with the camera settings, because I figure she may as well learn that too. Not all her shots came out all that great, but they will do. Here are her photos:

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Whoops! The heal-all slipped in there twice, so there are only 31 unique plants in the slideshow, not 32.

Four more, plus the remaining requirements, and she’ll have the Flowers Honor.

Oh – and we ate that strawberry (and several more just like it).