Yesterday was the Pathfinder year-end Fun Trip. This trip is the incentive for kids to earn merit points, which are awarded for attendance, and other things we wish to encourage.

We took them to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, NH. The science center has an indoor (artificial tidal pool) filled with marine invertebrates. We got to handle them, which was pretty cool.

Then we went to the beach. The beach at Rye is not exactly sandy. It’s more of a rocky beach, but that was OK, because we were looking for little sea creatures, and they are abundant in the rocks. We found a couple of tiny crabs, and thousands upon thousands of snails (mostly periwinkles, I think).

At one point, two of the youngest girls were wading in the surf and began splashing one another. So I put my camera in the continuous shooting mode, aimed, and held down the button. In short order, they were both fully seated, and fully clothed. It was pretty funny. I’d post a shot, except that I don’t post photos of other people’s kids. We spent another three hours or so outdoors, so they had plenty of time to dry off before getting back in the cars.

We left the beach at about 3:00pm, and stopped for ice cream on the way back. I think a good time was had by all.

That wraps up the Pathfinder year until August (though we will have a planning session in July to map out the coming year). So now my weekends belong to my wife!