Today we had our Investiture service for the Pathfinders.


  1. The action of formally investing a person with honors or rank.
  2. A ceremony at which honors or rank are formally conferred on a particular person.

It pretty much marks the end of the year for us, as during the Investiture service, we award insignia to those who have earned it. Putting the service together is hard work, and that’s with a small club like ours. I had to figure out what everyone had earned – honors, AY ranks, decide who merited Good Conduct Awards, how long each staff member has been serving in Pathfinders (for their service pins). I forgot to get TLT pins for the two teens who served as TLT’s this year. Oops. Then I have to figure out how many of each patch/pin to order. It has to be ordered a week ahead of time (and that’s pushing it) or I’d have to pay out the nose to get it here in time.

While we were waiting for that to come in, Va made up award cards for me. That has a graphic for each patch, ribbon, and pin. When the insignia comes in, I staple it over the graphic. These cards serve as a reminder to the kids (and staff) what each patch actually is – it’s kind of hard to figure some of them out.

My favorite part of the service is always the slide show. I guess it went for 10 minutes this year, showing about 300 photos of the stuff we did through the year. My mouth was sore from the constant smiling by the end.

The staff selected the Pathfinder of the Year, and we usually buy a satin Pathfinder jacket to recognize that. This year several of the kids suggested that “If I get Pathfinder of the Year, I’d rather have the hoodie.” Mind you, the satin jacket costs $120 or so, while the hoodie is about $100 less. So we made the change, but I added a trophy too. It was still cheaper, so I guess everyone wins.