My Tilley

My Tilley

Today I mailed my hat back to Tilley to claim my free replacement. I have had this hat since Christmas, 2006, and have worn it almost every day since then. Inside the hat it says it is “insured against loss and guaranteed for life (replaced free if it ever wears out).” Looks like this might qualify.

I washed it (as per the instructions) a few months ago, and when it came out, it had developed a couple of holes – the biggest of which was about the size of a US quarter. I did not want to send it back then, because I had two camping trips coming up. But since those are over now, I knew it was time to claim the guarantee. Their instructions are that I should wash it and air dry it before returning it, so it was chucked in with the towels last night. This is how it came out.

Not only will Tilley replace this hat for free, they will also return the old friend when they ship the replacement (if requested). I did make such a request. My original plan was to sew a large Pathfinder patch of some sort over the holes, but I don’t think I have a patch that big. Still, I’m going to try to rehabilitate it somehow.

My hat not only keeps my balding head from getting sunburned, it also serves as an umbrella. It has accompanied me on many an outdoor excursion.

I dropped it in the mail a little while ago. I don’t know how long it will take to get the replacement. I have several lesser hats to use while I wait, but I’m not terribly inclined to do so. Unless it’s rainy. Or sunny. See you soon buddy.