Jim Arnosky, Va, and Beth

Jim Arnosky, Va, and Beth

Tonight Va, Beth, and I went to Gibson’s book store. It’s in the same building as my office, but that’s not why we went. Jim Arnosky was there for a book signing. Va and I have loved all the books of his that we’ve read, but I guess we haven’t read them all (yet). He’s written something like 126 of them. Don’t quote me on that number though – it’s close, but I don’t remember the exact figure.

Arnosky is a nature illustrator – and I just love his artwork. His narrative is always excellent too. I did not know that he plays the guitar, but he brought one along. He told us that he often writes his books while he is fishing or canoeing, but the first draft is usually in the form of a song. He jots it down, and then when he turns it into a book, he converts it from poetry to prose. He is a fantastic story teller, not only in his books, but in real life. We bought his latest book, Thunder Birds and he signed it for us.

When Va and I set up the card catalog at Beth’s school’s library, I set up the web server and configured the software for it, and Va added the books (a much bigger job). When I would test it, I usually did so by conducting an author search – using Arnosky as the search term. That was because I knew she’d have his books in the collection.

Before Arnosky spoke, a guy from the Audubon Society was there with a red tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) That was pretty cool too. I took a few photos, but I’m not happy with them, as I had forgotten my camera and was using Va’s. Her camera is a Canon too, but it doesn’t have a fully manual mode, so I was a little lost with it.

The other thing I noticed while we were there was that nearly all the men who came to meet Arnosky looked a lot like Mr Crinkleroot.