Yesterday I shod myself in snowshoes and made my way into my woodlot to check my sap bucket. There was a tiny bit of sap in it – maybe a quarter cup. It was frozen solid. Then I made my way around the rest of my trail, down the driveway to the front of the property, and across the woods in front to the frog pond. The snow was rather crunchy, and Penny was having a pretty hard time of it. She would get up on the surface, take a step, and then crash through up to her chest. She couldn’t plow through that, so she’d get up on the surface again and repeat. It was enough to make a border collie quit chasing sticks, which really says a lot.

We had more snow today, but just squalls. It wrecked havoc on the roads though. It wasn’t bad in Concord at all, so I let David drive us home (he came to town for a Pathfinder TLT meeting, but we ended up canceling it when the other TLT called in sick). Conditions quickly deteriorated after we got on the Interstate, and there were wrecks, ambulances, and fire trucks galore. And there I am being piloted by an unlicensed driver (NH does not require a driver’s permit for learners). Traffic was crawling along at 15 MPH on I-93, and he was really white-knuckling it the whole way. But he did fine. As soon as we got of the Interstate though, we traded seats. He was relieved.

We were planning to go to Border’s after grabbing a bite after the TLT meeting. They have a chess club that meets there, and David is now all about chess. He has gotten pretty good at it, and I have not been able to beat him for some time now. He wanted to check out this chess club so he could play people in person vs over the Internet. But with these snow squalls, wrecks, ambulances, and fire trucks scattered everywhere, it seemed prudent to wait for the next one.