I am utterly exhausted. Camp In was last night, and we spent a considerable amount of time preparing for it. It was well attended though, and the kids (and adults) seemed to really enjoy the evening.

This first photo shows Ken explaining the embalmer’s art to the kids. Shaun is playing the part of the corpse. Ken is always a very interesting speaker. He sure has a way of capturing the attention of kids.

Ken, the embalmer explaining his art

Ken, the embalmer explaining his art

Once Ken explained the procedure, we were ready to try it out ourselves.

Beth getting mummified

Beth getting mummified

It took ten minutes to mummify a kid, and about 10 milliseconds for the kid to demummify. We were left with a rather large pile of “bandages” to deal with. The kids dealt with them in their own way.

Wrappings aflight


The program ended a little after nine, and by then we were smack in the middle of a wintery mix. Sleet, snow, rain, thunder – we had it all. I had transported two kids (and their adult) to the church, so I needed to give them a ride home again. David came along because he wanted to go home and sleep in a real bed. I can’t blame him at all for that. So the five of us set out in the storm. The worst part (driving-wise) was getting up the driveway at the church. The rest was no picnic either, but I managed to maintain control of the vehicle at all times. I made it back to the church before 11:00pm.

Shaun had set up the projector and the adults were watching a “Groundhog Day” DVD. The kids were pretending to try to sleep. They finally did collapse around midnight. I slept in my sleeping back on the (very) hard floor. Although “slept” would be a very generous term.

We got up a little before 8:00, cleaned up some of the mess, and then we all headed to McDonald’s for breakfast. They actually serve a pretty decent breakfast. Then we went home. I took a two-hour nap. Or maybe it was three hours, I’m not sure. It ended around noon though.

I muddled about the house a bit, and then had to head back to the church around 1:30 or 2:00. David came with me, and we took down some of the decorations and loaded a lot of stuff back into the car. Then we did some web-surfage while we waited for the Pathfinder meeting to start.

I’m home from that now, and I will be going to bed shortly.