Nancy Nichols
Nancy Nichols passed to her rest last night. It came suddenly and I can hardly believe she’s gone now. Nancy was one of the spunkiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was always passionate about whatever she did.

About five years ago she fought cancer and won. Then she was diagnosed with cancer again a couple of months ago, and had just started chemo (again). Then last week she was in a car accident which landed her in the hospital. It did not seem to be serious though. Then we got word that she had an infection. Then we were told she was unresponsive. And then this morning we got the unexpected news that she had not made it through the night.

Nancy had gone on a couple of mission trips, one to Ghana, and another to Peru. She retired last year as a registered nurse. She was one of the first people I met when we first attended the Concord Adventist Church. Back when I lived in Northern Virginia, I had to come up here for a couple of days every couple of months. I had enough frequent flyer miles built up that when I had to come up in June 2003, I brought the whole family up here with me for a working vacation. When we showed up for church, it was almost empty except for Nancy and Emma Haggett (who died last August). Almost everyone else was was at the annual Camp Meeting in Freeport Maine. But Nancy and Emma both made us feel as welcome as could be.

I invited Nancy to teach the Bones, Muscles, and Movement honor to the Pathfinders a couple of years ago, and she agreed to do that. She also financed the registration & membership dues of more than one kid who wanted to join Pathfinders.

She was always delightful to hang around with. Funny, always ready to help out, sometimes irreverent (in a good way) and not one to beat around the bush. You always knew what she was thinking, and it was usually a riot.

Nancy had the habit of giving names to the things she had that gave her trouble. Her computer’s name was Ichabod. She also had names for her vehicles, but I can’t think of what they were right now. She had a prayer list a mile long and on the church mailing list would frequently ask for updates on people for whom she was praying.

She had a heart of gold. I’m going to miss her!