I got out of bed at a reasonable hours this morning. After breakfast, Jonathan, Beth, and I went to the church to take down the garage canopy I set up for the Memorial Day yard sale. It was not a minute too soon either. I’ve been trying to get the canopy empty for months so I could take it down. I finally did get it empty enough to take it down, but then I tried to sell it (I guess for too much since it did not sell). Meanwhile, someone stowed a bicycle in it. I’m sure it was intended as a yard sale donation, but man… I don’t want to house stuff over the winter – I want the canopy down!

On top of that, we have a blizzard on the way now. We’re forecast to get about a foot of snow tonight, and the snow is flying now. I hope we do get a foot too, because I’m tired of looking at brown, and I have almost finished refurbishing the snowshoes I bought last week.

Maybe I’ll post on that tomorrow.

When we got to the church, Jonathan noticed that the driveway had been sanded – and there was no reason for that. We have not had even a quarter inch of snow on the lot at church yet this season. Last year we weren’t sure, but thought that we were being overcharged for parking lot plowing and sanding. It seems we were correct. This year we are documenting it so we can make a complaint. When we questioned our bill last year, the contractor suggested that we take notes – he seemed to think that he might have hired some rascals. I think he is right.