Less than a mile from my house (as the crow flies) is the Union Church, an old church that I have long wondered about. The building is in relatively good repair, but I have never seen any cars parked there. I had to conclude that it was not in regular use.

Northfield Union Church

Northfield Union Church

Then last night I was poking around on the Google Maps, and I noticed that you could check a tick-box to make it show places that have associated Wikipedia articles. I was surprised to see one so close to my house, and it was this very church. The article consisted of two sentences, so I turned to Google again.

A search turned up this book. – jackpot. Beth and I hiked down there after church this afternoon, and I took several pictures (none of which were all that remarkable). Then tonight I beefed up the WIkipedia article.

I guess the name “Union” comes from its original use by multiple congregations. I’d like to get a peek inside someday, but it is (rightfully) locked up tight as a drum. I think it’d be a neat project for the Pathfinders to repaint the place and maybe rehabilitate some of the shutters. Most of the shutters are still intact, but several of them have been replaced with plywood. I guess that keeps the glass from getting broken, but it would sure be nice if all the shutters looked the same.

I have no idea how much red tape would be involved with doing that, but I imagine it would be a lot. First, it would have to go before the Selectmen of Northfield, and then I suppose any plans would have to be approved by the National Registry of Historic Places.

The congregations that used the building included Freewill Baptists, Congregationalists, Methodists, and Adventists. I don’t think my denomination (Seventh-day Adventist) ever used the place, as the history book I referenced never mentioned worship there on Saturdays. But there were (and are) other Adventist denominations.

Anyhow, I will read more of this history of Northfield book, and maybe try to find the other places it talks about. History is cool stuff!