I bought a water filter for the house last night. It will be delivered next week and should remove the iron in our water so we can quit staining our toilets, tubs, sinks, appliances, and clothing reddish brown. I’ll put it in myself while I’m off work over the Christmas break.

Of course that means messing about with the abominable plumbing job in my house. I plan to straighten out some of that mess, but we’ll see. The guy who plumbed this place was a complete moron. From what I can tell, he never engaged in any forethought whatsoever, so rather than figuring out what he needed and bringing it to the site, he would just plumb the current task with whatever he had on his truck. That theory explains a lot of the mess, including the one I plan to straighten out next week.

Anyhow, I bought two major components for the water filter. The first is a chem feeder which will turn on and inject a tiny amount of household bleach into the water every time the well pump turns on. That goes in ahead of the pressure tank.

Pressure tank fittings

Pressure tank fittings

On the other side of the pressure tank, there’s a one-inch copper line that feeds the rest of the house. I’ll have to cut that in half and insert the iron filter in-line. Hopefully this will not end with me calling a plumber to come out and fix the destruction I unleash on my house. I have done a little plumbing in the past, but this is far and away the biggest job I have ever tackled.