Tonight Va brought some sheets into the living room where I was sitting, listening to Beth practice the piano. She wanted me to help her fold them, so I got up and grabbed a corner. A dryer sheet fell to the floor. Penny got up to investigate, sniffing it with GREAT interest. Then, as Va and I folded the sheets, Penny got down and started rubbing her neck, shoulder, and head all over the dryer sheet.

She usually does this with much less savory odors (i.e., “presents” left on our property by other animals). We couldn’t help but laugh. At least this time I won’t need to giver her a bath.

I guess the dryer sheets smell like our family since all our clothes are tumbled with them. Now Penny gets to smell like family too. It could (and has been) worse!

I had to take the dryer sheet away when she tried to eat it though.