We woke this morning to a bit of ice cover. Not too much – just a glazing. I found it to be a refreshing contrast the the weeks of brown we’ve been having. I should have taken some photos, but I didn’t.

We spent most of the day cleaning the house. I worked on Beth’s room (with Beth there helping) and Va worked on the family room. The house looks way better than it did, but could still use more work.

We went to lunch at Chili’s. The roads were quite passable by then as the ice was melting fast. It looked like it was raining as it ran off the trees. I had to use the wipers.

I very much enjoyed lunch. Afterwards we stopped at a few stores to get a few items- I’m not sure what – Va went in and I stayed in the car with the kids. All I know for sure is that she bought no Christmas presents (Black Friday or not), but she did buy a box of raisin bran (my favorite cereal).

I did a little raking when we got home. Either someone else has been raking the yard, or the wind has been doing this chore for me. There just wasn’t that much there. Penny was out with me and ever so helpfully brought me sticks to throw. I obliged.