Tonight we had our first TLT meeting. “TLT” stands for Teen Leadership Training, and it’s part of the Pathfinder program. “TLT” is also what we call the teens who are taking part in that program. We’ve had TLT’s in the club for several years, but this aspect of the program has really never been well-organized or smooth-running. I hope that has changed tonight.

Part of the problem has been that we never set aside a specific time to engage in the TLT activities, and it just doesn’t work to try to wedge it in during a meeting. This year I somehow managed to convince Cheryl to come back into the club as the TLT director. She was the club director before me, and I learned an awful lot from her. I’m very happy to have her back again.

At the beginning of the year (August) I thought we’d try having a 30 minute TLT meeting just before the regular club meetings, but that didn’t work with Cheryl’s schedule. So we finally found a time that would work for her and for the teens – Wednesday evenings.

That’s when the choir usually meets for practice. None of the three TLT’s are in the choir, but the mother of one of them is the choir director, so he has a ride to the church then. That works – except tonight, because the choir director, her husband, and her son (the TLT) are out of the state this week. But since all but one of the pieces fell together tonight, we went for it anyhow.

The TLTs are supposed to help run the club, and that means I need to hand over some of my responsibilities to them. I think that’s going to be harder for me than it is for them, but if we have weekly TLT meetings, I think it will be easier. I can be sure that they are doing what I’m no longer doing and have confidence that it is actually getting done.

Each TLT will take a different aspect of club management and run with it. One will take on some Administrative tasks, and another will handle Finance/Clerical tasks. The TLT manual has all this spelled out. I don’t know which of the remaining four areas the third TLT will do – he’ll get to choose when he returns. Then halfway through the year they will switch to a different area.

I’m excited that we’ve finally got this thing moving now. I think it’s finally going to work.