I rolled out of bed a half hour earlier so I could vote today. The paper said the polls would open at 6:00am and close at 7:00pm. I had to have Beth to school by 8:00, and I had an appointment this evening after work. So the best time for me was before I took Beth to school. That was the best time for Jonathan too (his first time voting), since he rides to Concord with us so he can go to school/work.

We got there a little after 7:00 only to find that the polls don’t open until 8:00. Not there anyhow. Prolly opens at 6:00am everywhere else in the state. I was unhappy. I was disenfranchised! (Well, not really).

We left without voting and took Beth to school. Then I dropped Jonathan off at his school, bought some gas, and went back to the polling place (~25 miles) to vote. It was open by then, so I voted.

Jonathan and Va voted this evening (while I was at my appointment). Jonathan was pretty excited about it too, and is in the living room watching the returns.

To me, watching returns is like listening to an NPR membership drive. They seldom have anything new to say, so they just keep saying the same things over and over.