We had hail yesterday and snow today. It was coming down lightly when I left for work. It came down more abundantly after I got to work. The bank thermometer said it was 43 degrees, but coupled with the wind it felt like -43. It was chilly!

It didn’t amount to anything, but it was an unmistakable sign of the coming winter.

I’ve been thinking about snowshoes lately. I have some rawhide that I bought about five years ago so I could make a traditional pair. I also cut down a small maple and rived out a stave. But that’s as far as I got. White ash is the preferred wood, but I don’t have any of that on my place. I might go out and buy a plank. If I’m going to put in the effort to make a pair, I’d rather use the right wood.

I will probably also end up buying at least one pair too, because I don’t want to go snowshoeing alone. I’m sure Beth would be game for it, and David probably would be as well, but that’s probably about it in my family.