Last night I went to the church to meet Paul. He had towed the Pathfinder trailer to Bar Harbor for us last weekend, and he also towed it back. Last night he brought it back to the church. I grabbed all the tents we had used (at least the ones that belong to the club) and threw them in the trunk of my car. I didn’t get home until after ten though.

The tents were still wet from the rain we had Sunday, and if you let wet tents stay rolled up in a canvas bag in a trailer, they mold. Once they mold, they are pretty much ruined. To avoid that, I pitch them again until they are bone dry.

So tonight I pitched four tents in the backyard. Two 3-person tents, one 4-person tent, and one 8-person tent. Of course it was raining, so they are not going to get dry any time soon, but as long as they are pitched, they won’t mold.

I pitched the two 3-person tents first, and then had supper. I guess pitching them took 30 minutes. I pitched the other two after dinner, and that took about an hour.

We also had to dry out all the camp chairs, so Jonathan, David, and I stopped at the church on the way home from guitar lessons/school/work respectively. We unloaded all the chairs and set them up under the garage canopy. Some of them need to go into the dumpster, and at least one of them made that short trip. There are a few others that need repairs. They might end up in the dumpster too, but I’m not ready to give up on them just yet.

We number all our chairs, plates, cups, bowls, spoons, forks, and knives, and then I assign each camper a number. That works out pretty well, because when I find a dirty plate on a picnic table, I know who it belongs to. Then I make that person wash his own plate.

The dishes all go into mesh bags, and we hang them on a line to drip dry. We used to hang them up in any old random order, but I have found that it’s a lot easier if we hang them in numerical order. David tells me that I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Dish Order. 😀

We numbered the chairs because kids were not taking responsibility for them. They would leave them out over night, and in the morning it would be soaking wet. If they do that now, they get to sit in a wet chair all day. I have several that are as of yet unnumbered, and I plan to number them before we put them away again. That’s why we set them up in order. It makes it a lot easier to see which ones are missing.

In the past I would assign numbers to campers at the beginning of every camping trip. This year, I think we have enough equipment so that if everybody camped with us, they would all have their own stuff. That hasn’t always been the case, and we have never had everyone attend at camping trip. But since I have enough equipment to go around now, I have assigned permanent numbers to everyone. That means that a person will get the same camp chair on every camping trip until next year. Hopefully, that will inspire everyone to take better care of the equipment.