Last week, I found myself feeling under the weather every afternoon after lunch. Burning eyes, runny nose, and fatigue. Then after I left the office, I would slowly recover and feel pretty good by about 7:00pm.

I felt great all weekend too. And then Monday afternoon – bam! Same thing. When I felt it coming on again on Tuesday, I decided that maybe I had a sick office. Maybe there is mold in the ductwork. So I moved to a usually-empty office used by some of our remote employees when they visit the Concord office. None were here, so I camped in there. But the damage was already done.

So I worked in there all day yesterday, and by the end of the day, I felt great! “Cool,” I thought, “there might be something to this.” But I drew no conclusions.

One day isn’t really enough to tell something like that. There could have been other variables, or there could even be some other root cause. For instance, it poured rain all day yesterday, so if it was a pollen thing, that would have been way down, and I’d have felt great.

So continuing the experiment, I worked in my own office again today. I expected a headache, runny nose, burning eyes, etc. But instead, I felt great. Bummer. 😦

Now I have no idea what the problem might be. The only thing good about this (aside from me feeling great), is that I get to complain about feeling great. And the irony there is delicious!