Today after church I changed clothes and headed over to my friend Bill’s house to get his canoe. Beth wanted to come along, so I said “Sure!” We arrived at his place around 1:30 and loaded his canoe onto my roof rack. I also borrowed his paddles and four life jackets.

Later in the afternoon Beth, David, and I took Penny down to Sandogardy Pond. I took pictures of flowers (but haven’t gotten them off my camera yet). Penny chased sticks. I’m always sure to throw several into the pond so she can get a bath (her ruff was looking rough). She came out nice and clean.

Today is Jonathan’s nineteenth birthday. We had a cake which I think everyone enjoyed, and we still have most of it leftover for later enjoyment. Mmmm.

After sunset, I took the roof rack off my car to change out the bars. I usually use the ones that came with it, and they are 48″ long. I can’t easily get two canoes on a 48″ rack, so a few years ago I looked into getting some 72″ bars. They wanted something like $50, which I thought was pretty steep for what is essentially a pair of one-inch diameter pipes. I bought some one-inch diameter pipes instead.

Once the six-foot rack was mounted, I heaved the two borrowed canoes up there. I had also put ten life jackets in the trunk and seven paddles. Tomorrow I’ll go pick up three of my Pathfinders and then go over to Ken’s house to load up the log/rope raft. Then we’ll all drive to the put-in near my house again. After we offload the canoes from my car at the put-in, I’ll head back to the house and fetch my canoe and kayak. I just hope I remember my kayak paddle.

It should be an interesting day.