My Mom and Dad drove me and Beth to my uncle’s house today so he could help me fix my sewing machine. He is a mechanical genius, and I firmly believe that if anything can be fixed, he can fix it.

We got through the part of the repair that had stopped me when I tried it on my own six months ago. Now all I need to do is retime it, but I’ve done that before.

After that hard part was done, we all went out to eat at the Golden Corral, which I very much enjoyed, and I believe my parents, aunt, and uncle enjoyed as well. We went back to his place and buttoned the sewing machine back together, and then headed back towards Dawson Springs.

My brother Mike and his daughter Sarah came out to the hotel for a visit, and we swam in the pool for a couple hours. Sarah is 12 (I think), and she and Beth exchange a lot of email. Beth adores her.

Beth had some major breakthroughs in the swimming department this week too. I finally got her to swim about six feet, and she also mustered up the courage to jump into the pool from the side. She loved that!

When everyone was sufficiently wrinkly from the pool, we went into the room and visited there for a while. It was a nice visit and I enjoyed it very much.