Va called our neighbor to get any news about the fire next door to our house yesterday. Apparently, the new owner got a three-day burn permit to get rid of some brush. What he didn’t know was that the lawn had a nice layer of accelerant of some sort on it, so when he lit his brush pile, FWAKKOOOOM! and the whole yard lit up. The house was not burned (not his, and not ours). The fire department got there pretty quickly, especially when you consider how far they are from our house. The kept it from spreading to our property, though it did make it to the stone wall that serves as the boundary.

Now that makes me worry about our well. The water in the ditch downhill from our neighbor has always looked nasty – nasty enough that we are always careful to prevent Penny from drinking from it. What was this accelerant? How did it get there? Is it in our water now?

These are not happy thoughts.